Active Kids Club: 2010-12-06

The inaugural Playground Hunt Active Kids Club outing was lovely! We went to Greenwood Park, opposite the Stone Zoo and bundled up with lots of layers and hats and mittens. It was only about about 35deg F, but the wind was blowing strongly, so that made it c-c-cold. We had a little play on the playground and then went into the forest of the Middlesex Fells. We walked about 100 yards and stopped to build a fairy house. Then we walked another 200 yards before we turned back. Not bad for a first try 😀

We had a quick turn on the swings back at the playground and were back in the car about 50 minutes after we arrived. Both Alex and Jen finished the trip smiling, so I’m calling it a success.

Thus are my outdoor adventures changed from all-day missions climbing mountains in untracked New Zealand wilderness. Ok, it usually wasn’t all that epic and I often spent long stretches of time terrified of jumping and climbing, but getting my kids outside ROCKS.

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