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Welcome “Playground Hopping”

I was so happy to see another playground blogger in the Boston area. Please visit Playground Hopping’s new blog at and check out her other posts. Here is one with lots of pretty pictures of Boston area playgrounds from earlier this month…

“Parks and playgrounds should invite you in, be a place to relax and chat with your neighbors while your kids play and meet new friends. If you’re lucky, you might come across something very rare…ART IN THE PARK! In our search for more art, we uncovered IconParks right here in MA that designs wonderful playgrounds. Like Dorothy following the yellow brick road, we will hop along to every playground designed by IconParks. Below is some of their work, in addition to wonderful artwork we’ve discovered in Boston and Cambridge.

Dorothy Curran Playground – Dorchester, MA
Alexander Kemp Playground – Cambridge, MA
The Esplanade Playspace – Boston, MA
Created by artist and poet Mitch Ryerson
Julia’s Playground – WWI Memorial Park – North Attleboro, MA
Creekside Commons Park – Chelsea, MA
Julia’s Garden – WWI Memorial Park – North Attleboro, MA

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