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Back at it

So it has been a super long time since I wrote a blog post.

A number of things have changed for me recently: it’s become cold and I have been sick with some random kidney thing.What that has really meant is that in between the cold and chronic fatigue I have, we have been spending some time inside. Not much time at the playground.
We have also been thinking about home schooling. Turns out that with all the running around, checking out local museums, classes and at Mass Audubon, going to art classes, going to swim class, going to gym classes, going to library story time and crafts, and last but not least playing with a vast amount of Lego we acquired over Christmas, I am homeschooling.

Who would’ve thought it!!! Anyway some of my friends on Facebook have been getting excited about the stuff that we’ve been doing. It seems to makes sense to use the PlaygroundHunt blog to chronicle some of our adventures now.

So here is what Jen is doing RIGHT NOW: vinegar with food coloring, baking soda on a baking tray, combining the two with some transfer pipettes. This was a repeat request 🙂




Inserts for Advent Calendar: Signs and Logos

I started making this collection of Boston Area attractions a couple of years ago in the hope of printing it and putting little slips of paper into my children’s advent calendar. Finally got back to it and will ACTUALLY do it this year (rather than just putting in some badly hand-drawn pictures) ==>BostonLogos <== pdf file

And here are the logos I have included so far… Hope it helps with making an excellent adventure-filled month of December.

Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm Class

Three. Days. Old.

<3 I need to find more emoticons to, like, really gush over how cute they are LOL anyway, last Wednesday was another class at drumlin farm. We read a story about pigs and then walked down to the pig barn. The pig had had piglets three days and they were tremendously cute. Hence the gushing earlier. Alex and Jen got to give the piglets some extra hay and some food. And even though this was apparently quite nerve-racking they talked about it for days afterwards. We also got to do some digging in the vegetable garden and found some grubs that needed to be given to the birds. 20120506-191222.jpg




A Genius Blog

I’m drooling over this and had to share

A Genius Blog.

Hope you’re all sufficiently rested after lovely weekends to feel up to tackling this gorgeous little project that we found on So simple to make, and so gorgeous for any party or wedding, these little wax lumieres can be made in any size (depending on how big you make the balloons), so we’d suggest making lots and lots of all different dimensions and group them together to create glowing, organic centerpieces. Also, if you’re feeling braver, mix some colour into the wax and play around with different shades and tones – we’re going to try milky pinks and peaches for a soft, romantic feel… we’ll keep you posted on how we get on!! Enjoy, Aoife & Deirdre xx

Now for the ‘How-To’… we’re giving you the pretty pictures first, and the instructions below ;0)

You will need : High Melt Paraffin Wax (try most good craft stores),  party balloons, a double boiler, non-stick cookie / biscuit sheet.

1. Fill balloon with tepid water.

2. Melt your wax. Optimum working temperature for this project is 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to maintain this temperature for your wax while working by keeping it on a double boiler.

3. Slowly dip your balloon into the wax  to just below the water level in the balloon. Warning: Do not dip the balloon into the wax past the water level. This could cause the balloon to pop.

4. Hold the balloon in the wax for a few seconds, and then slowly lift it out of the wax. Dip the balloon a few more times, allowing some time between dips to let the wax cool.

5. While it is still quite warm, carefully set the balloon down onto a piece of paper or a cookie sheet, making sure it is level. This will create a flat bottom for the lumiere.

6. Dip your balloon a few more times until it is the desired thickness. A good target thickness is 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch.

7. Set the balloon on the paper or cookie sheet again and let it cool.

8. When the wax is completely cooled, hold the balloon over a sink or bucket, facing away from you. Carefully pop the balloon with a skewer or knife and let the water drain out. Throw away the balloon shards.

9. To level the top of the lumiere, heat a cookie sheet on the stove and place the lumiere top-down onto the hot sheet and carefully melt the edges until it is level.

10. Place a tea light or votive inside the lumiere and burn on a candle holder in a dark area…. gorgeous!


I’ve been neck-deep in Christmas (and snow from the recent storm), so not many posts recently. But I really want to thank everyone who is part of this community, for making Playground Hunt so awesome. Josh and I never wanted Playground Hunt to be a business. We wanted it to be a place where we parents can exchange hints for where to take our children. We think it’s a roaring success with over 400 playgrounds just in the Boston area (so far).

Thank you for all the suggestions and photos and emails we have received. We are in the process of making the map even better with more categories (Water-based, Indoor, Outdoor, Farm/Animal, and Museums) on the Map Page. Please keep on adding any places you come across through the “Add Playground” button in the lower right of the map. We are also working on making the individual location pages (through the “Directions” link in the pop-up bubble) more accessible and prettier.

Thank you for helping Playground Hunt have a large fan base on Facebook and Twitter. We use those websites to pass on notifications, news and deals we think you’d like. Please join us at those sites (or suggest them to your friends) – each and every fan makes us feel GREAT. And honestly, fans have been the source of what has kept us going.

Thank you for using the links in the left column and on the Support Page.  Anything you buy through those links earns Playground Hunt an advertising commission from those companies, while you buy what you would buy anyway at the usual price. Sometimes we get special discounts or promotions from the companies, which we then pass on.

In 2010 we almost made enough from the advertising commissions to pay for the website hosting, but then we saw the post by The Bloggess where she sent $30 coupons to families whose kids wouldn’t otherwise have a Christmas. We thought that was awesome, so we gave away our commissions to two families who needed it. Please keep on shopping through our links though. We might eventually pay for the website hosting, but really, it felt so good to give the money away, we might just keep on doing that 😉

A heartfelt THANK YOU from Angelika, Josh, Alex, and Jen **MWAA**

And don’t forget to join us in our latest adventures by signing up to the RSS feed – that way you’ll get notified when we post.

Playdoh Emergency

7:48am this morning Alex declared a Playdoh emergency, ran into the kitchen and started rummaging through the drawers for the bag of Playdoh. He then proceeded to make lots of squished balls, squished snakes, and squished cutouts. JenJen is in an put-everything-in-your-mouth phase, so she was cut off from the Playdoh today. She got a couple of Trader Joes Chocolate Cat Cookies instead, which according to the big grin, was acceptable.