Bancroft Street Tot Lot

With the warmer weather here, we’re on the prowl for nice playgrounds in the area.

“We” consist of a high-energy 3 1/2-year-old Alex, Jen, who at 21 months is a bit too fearless and strong, and mama (e.g. me).

We’ve been checking out local playgrounds for a couple of years in the hope that I can convince my children to run around lots, burn lots of energy and have nice long naps.

In reality, I think I have now trained them to be super toddler athletes because my kids seem to have tremendous stamina. Oooof. Apparently the ability to keep on going and going and going is a downside to having kids with better coordination, balance and muscle strength.

On Tuesday we tried out the Bancroft Street Tot Lot in Reading. This playground is for the under five set. It is a new construction with lots of infant swings, a bucket swing and two big kid swings. There are two climbing structures with four slides total – one for each comfort level. Oh, and the monkey bars are super friendly and low, which is perfect for a three year old.

The biggest hit for Alex and Jen was the faux rock climbing that takes you to the top of the slides. They did that about 20 times.

Bancroft is completely fenced, has a couple of nice shade trees and some benches. It is near the Reading Community Tennis Courts at Birch Meadows and there are plenty of parking spaces available. I didn’t see a restroom though, so bladders beware.

This playground was apparently built through a community project. There’s a nice plaque thanking all the donors and volunteers. If anyone has the contact information of the people who organized this project, please let me know.

This blog entry first appeared on Stoneham Patch.

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