Boston Childrens Museum

I’ve been saving up the Boston Children’s Museum all. summer. long.

We had a total blast there yesterday and spent almost four hours and only played with maybe a tenth of what there is to see and do. We went to the Playspace, which is only for kids three years and under.  That room alone has more toys to play with than I can remember. There’s a playhouse, a tree house, a car,  an aquarium, a kitchen, a doll house, the world’s largest train table (that’s my own hyperbole), a separate area just for crawlers, a kitchen with dining area (AND FREE COFFEE FOR ADULTS), books, resources, puzzles, …

We went to the art studio for some scissoring and gluing, to the Countdown to Kindergarten mock school room for some writing practice and dinosaur play, some of the Arthur and Friends exhibit to try out the backyard camping adventure, to Johnny’s Workbench to try out real saws, screw drivers and safety glasses, and a special new exhibit called Balancing Act.

There is enough to see at the Boston Children’s Museum to keep us busy for many more wintery or rainy days…

Some handy hints: bring a complete change of clothing for each child. One of the best room at the museum is Peep’s World, which has a lot of water and sand tables. Also, there is usually some four hour on-street parking to be had around the area, as well as lots of parking buildings. It helps to bring warm clothing to walk to and from, as the museum is in a breezy location on the harbor.

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