Build Day – Rebuilding Rounds

It took over two years to raise the money, but on May 18 a whole lot of volunteers came together and rebuilt AP Rounds, a Stoneham neighborhood playground.

Tania, Lindsay and I are so happy with how everything turned out. So many people contributed to make this a true community event, that I am still slightly teary eyed. At times the last two-plus years have felt lonely and like drudgery, but our first Build Day made it all worth it. And then when my daughter rode up in the Crazy Coupe and declared the playground “Beautiful”, I don’t think anyone had a bigger grin than me.

We had 100-plus volunteers come on the day, and here are some of the organisations and people who came together. Intrepid leaders were:

  • Organizers: Angelika P., Tania W., Lindsay B.
  • Construction: Dan D. (Town Engineer), Mike S. (Team Leader),
  • Food: Tania W.
  • Childcare: Lindsay B.
  • Safety: Robert C.

We had food donations from ZuZu’s CafeHoney Dew DonutsSal’s PizzaSubwayStop & Shop, and a whole lot of neighbors who baked and brought water. We had paint and brushes donated byRound’s Hardware, play sand by Reading Home Depot.

St Patrick’s members of the National Honors Society and the 4th Grade Girl Scout Troup came and helped with childcare and made a documentary for Stoneham TV, and the Stoneham High School Band came and performed. On Sunday, a whole baseball team showed up from Stoneham Baseballto help spread some mulch.

We have a long list of sponsors and donors on our website (, and we ask you to support these local businesses as a sign of your appreciation of their contribution to Stoneham children. They made it possible for us to buy the structures and amenities on the playground.

Next: Big Kid Play Structure

So now that we have put in the monkey bars and the climbing structure for the 2-5 year olds, it’s time to raise the remaining $15,000 or so, to purchase the climbing structure for 5-12 year olds. We have two big grants out and have our fingers crossed that one of them will come through.

If we get a grant, we will then have our second build day at the end of summer 2013. At this second Build Day we would like to install the big kid structure, memorial benches and planters, flower beds, art, a donor sign. So get your thinking caps on what you would like to do.

We have heard that most of the people from the first Build Day enjoyed it so much that they would like to come back, but we are already collecting names of others who would like to come to our second Build Day, or at least stay informed of progress. Please sign up to our email list at and tell Angelika ( you would like to come

We will be looking for sponsors, food and drink donors, building material donors, landscapers (bobcats are good), landscaping materials, musical entertainment, art installations, gardeners, plant donations, … So we will be looking for folks who can help us find all that during the build up. It takes a bunch of people to get ready, so we want to encourage everyone to get in touch and volunteer an hour to make phone calls.

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