Camping Activities for 3-5 year old Kids

More camping preparation is underway and here is the list of activities I will be bringing along. We’ve done several of these before, but some are new to us, so I’ll report back to what worked.

My philosophy is to be prepared with a large arsenal of games, since my children often deem the lovingly prepared activities as not very exciting 😉 So here is my first stab at keeping them busy and happy. I’m also adding pins to my camping board at

  1. Scavenger Hunt (use these bingo cards?
  2. Fairy Houses (collect nuts, leaves, rocks, twigs to entice a fairy to live in your house) – check out this book for inspiration! Fairy Houses Book
  3. Fort (build a people-sized shelter against a tree or rock)
  4. Obstacle Course ( round the table, three jumping jacks, across the log, sing a song,…)
  5. Follow bugs
  6. Charades (what animal am I,…)
  7. Make flower jewelry (crowns or bracelets)
  8. Coloring books
  9. Ball Games (Soccer, throwing, baseball with a random stick?,…)
  10. Frisbee (a current favorite)
  11. make up stories (my kids love stories about themselves 😉 )
  12. shadow puppet show (at night in tent)
  13. Bean bag toss (ziplock bags with a scoop of dirt, throw onto plates or dig out hollows in sand)
  14. Collect treasures (special rocks, leaves,…)
  15. build a mud/sand castle
  16. make rock cairns
  17. make rock, leaf, or twig art
  18. blow bubbles
  19. nature rubbings (leaves, bark,..)
  20. card games
  21. I-spy
  22. dam building
  23. ???


  • magnifying glass
  • binoculars
  • ball
  • frisbee
  • coloring books
  • crayons
  • markers
  • paper
  • string
  • scissors/pocket knife
  • balloons
  • books
  • flashlights
  • little shovels/beach toys
  • tupperware container (bug house or treasure box)
  • deck of cards

That should do it, right?

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