Yurts on Peddocks Island

Camping on Boston Islands

We just came back from a pretty special overnight trip to the Boston Harbor Islands. We stayed one night in one of the new yurts, which were installed this spring.

Getting to Boston Harbor Islands

After much internet surfing, I finally discovered THE best way to get to the Boston Harbor Islands. The wharf at Hingham offers free overnight parking passes and there are no transfers. I had envisioned parking at a T stop, taking the Orange Line, then the Blue line, then walking, then the boat to George’s Island, then transferring to Peddocks. It sounded like work with two children. Instead we drove to Hingham in our somewhat air conditioned car, parked, used the restrooms, and got on the boat. Easy-peasy.

We paid for the tickets on board and thoroughly enjoyed the 30 minute ride straight to Peddocks Island. Everyone was very helpful with getting all the stuff and children on and off the boat. Note – the boat’s restrooms are out-of-order, so plan accordingly.

Getting to the Campsite/Yurt

Peddocks Island has a very pleasant air conditioned visitor center with running water, flush toilets, a bit of historical information, and a remarkable amount of activities for children (fishing, exploring the shore for creatures,…). They also have wheelbarrows you can borrow to take all your stuff and children up the hill to the campsite.

It’s about a 10 minute walk up a gentle slope. That being said, it can be a long 10 minutes if one child or another goes on strike in the heat 😉 The road is first sealed, the gravel.

The Yurts

…are beautiful, and I want one! They are large, clean, and super comfortable. There are two double beds, and two single bunks, one on top of each double. There is a large table and two benches inside. Surprisingly, there is electricity and we had two outlets and a floor lamp. Outside has a picnic table and there is one shared composting toilet, and several drinking water faucets.

Yurts on Peddocks Island

Yurts on Peddocks Island

You have to bring your own sheets or sleeping bags, pillows, plates, cutlery, pots, stove or charcoal. No wood allowed because of those invasive beetles, but each yurt and campsite does have it’s own grill thing. But you can plug in your phone to recharge.

Stuff to Do

We brought one of our Explorer Kits and made heavy use of the coloring book, bubbles, crayons, and the Curious George book. It was too hot to do much running around with the flying disc or ball.

Otherwise, we

  • saw fireflies
  • build rock walls
  • made rock art
  • collected feathers and shells
  • played pirate ship on the bunk beds
  • climbed around the yurt furniture
  • watched boats
  • explored the old houses of the Fort
  • learned a whole lot of seashore stuff from a Ranger
  • went on an extended boat trip to the other islands

7 thoughts on “Camping on Boston Islands

  1. Annie

    I spent yesterday on Peddocks as I have many times before. I noticed the yurts this year and they look fantastic! ..safe, comfortable and affordable! ..I have never camped before and after seeing the yurts I would def. consider a night or two.. I live in Hull and Peddocks is across the bay.. I am so happy that lots of folks from across the Boston area are taking advantage of our parks and recreation sites. I admire you for venturing out with two small children. Your are awesome and they are lucky to have such an adventurous mom.

  2. Maria

    My husband and his crew created that camp sight and built the yurts, this is the first season of its use. It’s great to here so much positive feedback, it was a lot of time and planning to get this up and running. We are thrilled your children had such a great time, thats what memories are made of.

  3. Tom Berry

    Ferry from Hingham to Peddocks? Was this ferry on a schedule anywhere? I have searched and talked with the Boston Harbour Park Service and they said we had to go through Georges Island. We don’t see any easy way to get to Peddocks (Hull is closed).

  4. Lindsay Beal

    I’m not sure what the current schedule is, admittedly, but when we all went in June it was the opposite: that route from Hingham was closed, but it was a quick hop from Hull. (Going back, we had to go backwards and “tour” the harbor, but didn’t have to transfer)

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  6. siri allen

    Hi – is there a place to wash dishes? Just planning a weekend (2 nights) with my 4 & 6 year old boys. i’m curious if i need to bring a 5 gallon bucket to wash in.
    Thanks so much for giving me inspiration!

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