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Daisy Petal Worksheets – Printable

I’m creating worksheets from the Girl Scouts Daisy Flower Friends. There are ten of them, which guide Daisies through earning each of the ten petals. I use these to give to the girls after we spend a meeting on the petal activities, to fill out at home and return them the next meeting to be given their petal. I will keep updating this page until all ten are here 🙂


So a funny thing happened the other day. No I didn’t walk into a bar – what happened was that I somehow signed up to become a scout leader. You are now looking at the proud troop co-leader of Girl Scout troop 72055.
All this is a little bit crazy of course because I have so many health issues which is also the reason why I haven’t blogged very much recently.
Instead I have been reinventing the wheel by making Daisy troop printables.
I’ve been on Pinterest a lot.

Somewhere I saw a blog post that talked about giving the girls a handout to work on at home. This was supposed to reinforce whatever activity or petal there working on that week.

In our first meeting we worked on the Light Blue Petal – Honest and Fair. We read the story from the handbook, we guided the girls through fairly splitting uneven snacks, and practiced honesty by playing Musical Chairs. I then gave them this handout to work on until the next meeting. They are supposed to bring it back filled in to next meeting to be given their Light Blue Petal.

Download it for your own troop by clicking here: