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  1. Sarah

    Hi! we just moved to Stoneham! everything is great here, disappointed there aren’t many playgrounds, and the few they have around are not good =(
    Thanks for all the great info here!

  2. Michaela

    Very cool site! At the Cape, please add the Hidden Hollow Playground at the Heritage museum gardens. It is a wonderful playground like no other-wooden xylophones, a stage with puppets, tables and wooden blocks, a huge tree house, wooden mushrooms to sit on and more.

  3. Lindsay Beal

    Glad you like the area in general! We kind of felt the same way about the playgrounds, which is why we rebuilt A.P. Rounds at the corner of MacArthur and Broadway last year.

  4. Barbara Fitzsimons

    Dear Playground Hunt,

    We are very interested in your work and thought our most recent blog post entitled “Your child has weak muscles and how playground equipment can help” might be of interest to you. It’s about children’s physical strength, movement, and the benefits of outdoor play. It can be accessed by copying and pasting the link below into your browser.

    Any thoughts, feedback, and sharing on your social media sites would be much appreciated.

    Kind thanks and best wishes,

  5. Kim Donovan


    I am planning a trip to Peddock Island on July 13. You mentioned there was no wood there. They say on their site that they provide wood. Is that not the case? If so, do they provide the charcoal? My friends and I are biking to Boston from the Concord area and then into the city to take the ferry over. Thanks for your help! What fund for your kids!

  6. Shira

    Hello! I hope all is well. I’m a photo editor at – a site about fun things to do with kids around Boston. We are running a campground post and mention Paddock Island. I was wondering if you might let us use your amazing yurt shots! We would credit and link back to your site. Possible to let me know by tomorrow, Sunday? My email is Thank you.

  7. Julie Quertenmont

    I am the mom of a one year old little girl, whom I will have to put to daycare soon as I have to go back to work. I was wondering if you would know about any place where emphasize is put on nature. We do not want a traditional daycare where she will barely go outside in a small area that doesn’t even have grass. I have been doing some research on the Internet and found a couple of websites about nature classes and outside education, but I can’t find a place to put her full time. We live in Billerica, MA (01821) and would like to find something close, but we are ready to drive a few miles further if worth.
    I appreciate your help,

  8. Angelika

    Hello Julie
    apologies for the VERY late reply. I have not been monitoring the website for a while 🙁
    Unfortunately I do not know of any childcare places that focus on the outdoors. I’ll have a look around though. Thank you.

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