Daisy Petal Worksheets – Printable

I’m creating worksheets from the Girl Scouts Daisy Flower Friends. There are ten of them, which guide Daisies through earning each of the ten petals. I use these to give to the girls after we spend a meeting on the petal activities, to fill out at home and return them the next meeting to be given their petal. I will keep updating this page until all ten are here 🙂

Girl Scout Worksheet Lupe (Light Blue) Girl Scout Worksheet (Yellow Petal) Girl Scout Worksheet Mari (Orange) Girls Scout Worksheet (Light Green Petal) Girl Scout Worksheet (Red Petal)

Girls Scout Worksheet (Green Petal) Girls Scout Worksheet (Green Petal) Girl Scout Worksheet (Green) Girl Scout Worksheet (Rose) Girl Scout Worksheet (Violet) Girl Scout Worksheet (Purple)

13 thoughts on “Daisy Petal Worksheets – Printable

  1. Chrissy

    Hi! These are FANTASTIC!! Any chance you have the rest of them done? 🙂 I’m putting a workbook together for my Daisies and I really want to include these. I want to get it bound, though, before I give it to them on Tuesday.

  2. Angelika Post author

    Thanks Chrissy – I’ll try to get them done today for you – please keep the link to my website if you’re using the sheets 🙂

  3. Charlene Hamilton

    These are great. I have been doing some of them but take me a long time. Now I have all the petals. Are you going to do worksheets about the promise and the leaves? That would be awesome. Keep up the good work. I always said that each leader should not have to re-event everything if others shared.

  4. Tara Biddle

    Thank you so much for sharing! Most of the girls in the troop are second year daisies and have already earned their petals but we have 4 new girls who have not. I’m going to put these together in a booklet and send them home to work on with parents. These are great!!

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  7. Angelika Post author

    Hi Julieann
    sorry for the VERY late reply. I have not been monitoring the website much. I will make one for the promise center. Great idea, though it might take a while…

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