Daisy Petal Worksheets – Printable

I’m creating worksheets from the Girl Scouts Daisy Flower Friends. There are ten of them, which guide Daisies through earning each of the ten petals. I use these to give to the girls after we spend a meeting on the petal activities, to fill out at home and return them the next meeting to be given their petal. I will keep updating this page until all ten are here 🙂

8 thoughts on “Daisy Petal Worksheets – Printable

  1. Chrissy

    Hi! These are FANTASTIC!! Any chance you have the rest of them done? 🙂 I’m putting a workbook together for my Daisies and I really want to include these. I want to get it bound, though, before I give it to them on Tuesday.

  2. Angelika Post author

    Thanks Chrissy – I’ll try to get them done today for you – please keep the link to my website if you’re using the sheets 🙂

  3. Charlene Hamilton

    These are great. I have been doing some of them but take me a long time. Now I have all the petals. Are you going to do worksheets about the promise and the leaves? That would be awesome. Keep up the good work. I always said that each leader should not have to re-event everything if others shared.

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