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Last week’s visit to Drumlin Farm was a bit odd. We talked about opossums, which are a huge pest in New Zealand (where I’m from), but protected in Australia and here in the USA.
But this possum actually quite cute it didn’t scream at me like the last major experience I had with an opossum – which is a whole story in and of itself
This last event occurred in New Zealand on New Year’s Eve 1999. Josh and I had hiked into the Rock of Ages in Aspiring National Park in New Zealand. We had made an accidentally unusually spicy curry for dinner and had left the pot outside with the food. This you can actually normally do in New Zealand. You might get some opossums coming by to investigate, maybe they will try to take something, but nothing dangerous every happens. This time however the possums apparently really dislike the curry. They started screaming and hissing and smashing into the side of the tent.  And we were surprisingly scared by this. But maybe it was because we had watched the Blair Witch Project a few months earlier.  Suddenly what we thought was a funny, cheesy movie seemed quite plausible…

Anyway the opossum at Drum Farm just wanted to eat some grapes and go back to sleep.

We did look in on the chickens and the tiny piglets after a walk around the forest.  The pigs were still very cute and a little bit bigger.
And for the second week in a row, we scored some of the supremely free-range eggs from Drumlin Farm. Woot!

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