Easter Egg Hunt

Who knew! Apologies, but I am still stunned that people are really taken with the idea of rebuilding a neighborhood playground.  It’s what I imagine it must be like being a florist – everyone loves the project and is super supportive. How fun! How tremendously rewarding. And really, I don’t need sleep (pity my children don’t seem to need much sleep either), so of COURSE I can fight the good fight, start a marketing company, and rebuild a playground (SNORT/maniacal laughter).

OK, late-night-chocolate-overdose-fueled excitement is wearing out, so here is a quick report on the Easter Egg Hunt the rather awesome team of the Rebuilding Rounds project put on last Saturday at AP Rounds Playground. I’m guessing a hundred people showed up to search for close-to-a-thousand eggs. Everyone agreed that the playground needed help, lots of people signed up for the email list to get updates on the project, and we got a surprising amount of donations ($312). Dunkin Donuts on Main Street in Stoneham donated 5 dozen donuts (hurray) and lots of warm fuzzy feelings.

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  1. Lynda

    OH, I wish I knew about this! Was it advertised somewhere? We live seconds from AP rounds and really would’ve enjoyed hunting for eggs. Thanks for organizing and I hope we can make the next event

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