Ellis Park Playground–York, Maine


My reviews have been of places slightly farther afield.  That’s because Angelika has done such a fantastic job of covering many (most?) of the Greater Boston area playgrounds!

Check out the playground map here:


Any metro Boston area playgrounds she missed?  Add it to the map and request a review!

Do  you live far away but do you still enjoy the blog?  Do you follow because you know one of us or because you stumbled upon it and like our other focuses? News flash!  The map is international.  It’s true.  Zoom out.  See?  Add your favorite playground!  We may not be able to fly out and review it (we’re not THAT successful yet) but it’ll be marked and a guest post may not be ruled out.

Okay, okay, onto the subject.  At just barely under an hour away, York, Maine actually could arguably be defined as the Greater Boston area.  Either way, this one is worth writing home about (or sending a postcard home–it is a popular tourist area).

It’s got an extra large and impressive big-kid structure, a long and narrow user-friendly toddler structure, see-saws, two sets of swings, and this odd wobbly bridge thing.



Perhaps an homage to York’s other famous wiggly bridge near Steedman Woods?

We have a lot of favorite things about this playground.  It’s steps away from Short Sands Beach.  Long Sands Beach, which has a big tide swing, awesome tide pools,and is just about exactly a mile long, is also walking distance.



It also abuts convenient and cheap parking, an arcade, the boardwalk, and more.  Plus, the view is great!  Check out Bridget’s fantastic view of Nubble point from the top of the twisty slide:


And it is a BIG twisty slide.  See?


The girls liked how the toddler structure is very long and and skinny.  If your tinier ones don’t enjoy the (much tamer) slides and climbers, they’ll be content just wobble-jog-pacing back and forth on the platform and tagging either end, as small toddlers are wont to do.


Some more shots of features:


There’s plenty more to do around York.  If you like nature walks as much as we do there are many options in addition to the Steedman Woods mentioned above:

Mount Agamenticus

Whippoorwill Conservation Area

–And the Seacoast Science Center just over the border in New Hampshire

If you’re in for a bit more adventure there is a new ropes course ten minutes away in Kittery, or check out York’s Wild Kingdom.

This is all in addition to boat tours and whale watches, haunted history tours, many other nearby beach towns and boardwalks and whatever else you might have heard southern Maine and New Hampshire have to offer.

Are you inspired by this extra special playground?  Come help us build our own!  Sign up here:


(I am going to add this to the end of all my posts until the sheet fills up or until Build Day so you might as well go ahead and do it!  Don’t miss out on this experience!)


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