Glue + Wood = :-D

We went to the local craft store this morning, which in our case is the AC Moore in Woburn,MA.  Lo and behold, right at the door, in the bargain bins, were a bunch of Nicole Kraft wood kits for about $1.50. I stocked up and then scoured the store for more cheap stuff that, by definition, didn’t involve Thomas the Tank Engine. Got some shrinky dink plastic, because we apparently don’t have any #6 plastic to recycle in our house, and some wooden sticks.

Alex chose to make a wooden truck from the kits we bought. He got to hold the large bottle of washable glue and pretend to stick the bits of wood together. In behind I glued the bits together with all-purpose glue. Recently we lost a truck when it became an amphibian vehicle and the glue dissolved.

It came out well (probably since Alex had no actual part in the real gluing).

Alex loves his new truck. When Daddy came home he ran to the door and showed it to him. As of this writing he has played with it for 23hrs and it spent the night on his bedside table…

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