Greenwood Park

We went to Greenwood Park opposite the Stone Zoo recently to burn off energy pre-doom-and-gloom-it’s-the-end-of-the-world because Hurricane-Irene is headed this way. It was lovely.

Alex and Jen are finally getting to the age where they can play on a playground without constant help, so I actually had some time to take pictures. And now, miracle of miracles, Jen is having a nap through Thursday afternoon’s thunderstorm. This means that I can actually do some writing.

So, Greenwood Park is probably the nicest playground in Stoneham (though we’re going to fix that, right?). It is the playground located near the zoo just on the edge of the Middlesex Fells Reservation. There is a pretty view of the Fells Reservoir and a large parking lot, but don’t forget to bring along the insect repellent.

The reason we keep on coming back to this playground is that it is designed for children under the age of five. There are two main structures: My children have been using the one designed for children under the age of two for a while. That structure is very safe, low to the ground, features a short little slide and also a wheel. The whole thing works for crawlers and cruisers.

The other structure is for the 2-to-5-year-old kids, but teeny and fearless Jen has being crawling up that for a few months now. The tunnels slide is a hit and very safe. I used to have to accompany Alex on that slide (the times when I was a bazillion months pregnant with Jen were especially fun). Now both Jen and Alex race up the stairs to slide again. That structure is pretty safe, but does have some openings for kids to fall through. I suggest caution for parents of reckless kids, but most will understand.

The playground also has the biggest sandbox ever! The sand was hard packed and had quite a few large stone in it. Nothing a good sifting and some new sand wouldn’t fix.

We didn’t make it to the swings, the circle of sit-on teeters, the large field, or the walk in the forest, but we got in a solid 2 1/2 hours of running before it started raining.

Playground win!

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