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I lean towards the eco-friendly, baby-wearing, breast-feeding camp and we do recycle as much as possible, but I don’t appreciate the guilt tripping I feel from SOME groups that *gasp* I have used a disposable diaper.  So I’ve been really impressed with the totally sensible suggestions from Healthy Child Healthy World. They have FIVE EASY STEPS (and the “easy” bit really appealed). They have a whole section in their book on not getting overwhelmed by all the ways you can be green and reduce the chemicals in our children. The book cites studies that point to chemicals in everyday products, such as cleaning supplies, beauty care, home furnishings, building materials, and toys to contributing to a range of chronic diseases.

Small, simple changes can yield big pay-offs

YAY – that sounded like I could cope. Bring on little, inexpensive things I can do. One of their suggestions is to have a Healthy Child Healthy World Home Party.

With the tools and information provided in the Healthy Home Party Kit, you can educate your family, friends, school, and community to protect children’s health and development from common toxics. YOU can make a difference!

Since I have lots of playdates at my house anyway I signed up and got sent a biiiiig box of stuff. There are lots of brochures, coupons and samples as give-aways from companies Healthy Child Healthy World has vetted: Kleen Kanteen (drinking bottles), Luna (organic snack bars), CleanWell (wipes and sanitizers), Episensical (baby skin care), YesToBabyCarrots (baby skin care),… and lots more shown here.

So a couple of friends and I got together with all our kids and went through the box, looked at everything and divided all the samples and coupons between us. Very low key, but I think everyone came away with a little bit more knowledge, and certainly a lot of motivation to try out the suggestions and alternative methods suggested.

Here links to specific places on the Healthy Child Healthy World website:

Five Easy Steps:

  1. Avoid Pesticides
  2. Use Non-toxic Products
  3. Clean Up Indoor Air
  4. Eat Healthy
  5. Be Wise With Plastic

Each of these five steps comes with very clear and short sections on: a) What To Do, b) Safety Checklist, c) Safe Solutions, d) More Information, and e) Research Studies. There’s a handy little brochure to download. Personally, I’ve been referring to they recipes for safer cleaners, but that might just be the reformed scientist coming out in me 😉

There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there’d be no place to put it all.  ~Robert Orben

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