Imajine That

We went to Imajine That about a month ago and we’re all itching to head back there. Both Alex and Jen had a great time, and I got to enjoy a loooong nap afterwards. Awesome. Imajine That is an indoor play space in Lawrence, about 25 minutes north from Stoneham. There is lots of free parking and a huge variety of things to do for the kids. There is a huge climbing structure, a play supermarket, a bouncy house, a music room, an art room, a train table (<3), a postoffice, a reading/writing center, a stage with lots of costumes and props, a pirate ship with sails, and a very nice infant/toddler space. Oh, and a huge pretend supermarket.

I’ve never seen a place so lovingly put together. Is it odd that my favorite thing at this place are the columns wrapped and dressed up as trees?  Anyhow, Alex’s favorite thing was the -um- everything. Jen liked the books. We even got to check out one of the events that are going on all the time. We made our own pizza

Make your very own pizza every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Imajine That! First, each child gets dressed in their chef hat and coat. Then, each child will make their very own kid sized cheese pizza with authentic ingedients provided by Salvatore’s. Cost: $5.00 per child. Price includes juice box and pizza making materials.

There are multiple events each day – everything from “Between the Lions” story time, face painting, and a “Peep and the Big Wide World” science workshops.

In partnership with WGBH, we have created the Peep and the Big Wide World Science Imajinators! Come explore everyday science concepts in a new and FUN way! Your child will love our exciting workshops which include: – “Bug hunt” – “Water Explorers” – “Color Mixers” – “The Air out There” – “Music Makers” – “Shadow Explorers” – “”Peep Feet” -” Animal Homes” And so much more! Admission to this event is FREE with admission to Imajine That!

I tried to convince Alex to join in a snow-globe making event, but at that point he was having “a moment”. Now I’m trying to figure out how to make those at home. We’ll also have to go back to try out the big bouncy house and playground. They look excellent, but Alex kept on being distracted by the train table…

You are not allowed to bring in outside food, but there is a well stocked cafe with everything from organic milk to pizza at very reasonable prices.

Here are some photos I took, and some from their website, because my iPhone died while we were there.

Between the Lions library

Arts and Crafts area

Grocery Shop

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