We’re a couple of parents hunting for playgrounds. We have two wonderful children, Alex and Jennifer, who like to get out and run around. We like to get out too, and going to playgrounds is an excellent way to burn off some of our children’s energy (so that they have nice long naps).

We got bored with the couple of playgrounds we knew about and started looking for more. Then our friends started asking us about where they all were, and suddenly we were working on this website.

We have benefited tremendously from the proverbial village to find awesome places to take our children. And we like the idea of parents getting together to help each other out. So we hope that you enjoy this website, that it helps you get out and about too, and that you’ll join us in making this a great community.

We’re starting in Massachusetts because that’s where we live, but we’d be very excited if people all over the world made use of the site. We check the location of each submission manually for accuracy, so we’d appreciate it, if you send us as much information as possible.

Thanks, Angelika, Joshua, Alex, Jen

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  1. Lindsay Beal

    Hello; sorry for the delay in response. Since you posted this on a general page, which park did you mean? If you’re talking about A.P. Rounds–the one we rebuilt–it is open year round. Thanks!

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