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How do I find playgrounds? Start with the search bar above the map. From there you can enter the address of the area you are interested in. You don’t need an exact address, you can just specify the name of the town or a zip-code. The map will then focus on the area you requested. Once you’re in the right area, you can browse for playgrounds by dragging the map with the mouse or zoom in or out with the zoom controls on the left of the map.

How do I add playgrounds? Click “Add Playground” in the lower, right corner of the map. A yellow pin will appear in the center of the map. Drag the pin to where you want the playground to appear. Click the pin, enter as much information as you have, and press submit. Don’t worry if you don’t have any information, it’s all optional. A little “success” window will pop up and let you know we’ve received your playground. (We’ve found that zooming in and using the “hybrid” view helps to get the pin to exactly where the playground is.)

Your playground won’t appear immediately because we check the location to make sure it’s accurate. But it should appear within a day.

How do I know how good a playground is? If you click on a playground pin a bubble will appear with information about the playground. All playgrounds are rated on a 5-star scale showing how much people like them. If you want to rate a playground, just click on the star you think it deserves.

How do I add photos of playgrounds? Oh, we so wish you could! This is something that we’re really looking forward to providing in the future but we’re not there yet. If you do want to contribute photos of your favorite playgrounds though, send them to us by email and we’ll display them when we get this feature up and running.

How do I add an event? You have to register with the website (“Register” – top, right in the Blog Admin box) and a password will be sent to your email address. You then log into the website (“Log In” – top, right in the Blog Admin box), and go to the Admin section (“Admin” – yes, top, right in the Blog Admin box). In┬áthe admin area on the LEFT side you will see a “Events Calendar” tab. Here you can add an event by entering all the info and pressing submit. Please do NOT check the “Create blog post” box when creating an event.

How do I contact you? We love getting email from people so please send us suggestions, questions, or just to say hi! Just click “contact” at the top of the page.

How do I advertise? We are looking for suitable websites, blogs, or businesses to advertise on Playground Hunt. Please click HERE for more information.

THANKS! Angelika and Josh

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