Kayaking on Spot Pond

We did a spontaneous kayaking expedition in June – here are some pictures and info, because it was so easy, simple, enjoyable and a huge success for us.

One afternoon we just drove over to Spot Pond Boating (website here) and asked to rent a kayak. No booking required. They fitted us with lifejackets and had us in a double kayak in about 15 minutes. It was $20 for an hour on the lake and the staff were super helpful, safety conscious, and friendly.

2 thoughts on “Kayaking on Spot Pond

  1. The Hoppers

    As someone who is always nervous about boating with my kids, I’ll have to say these pics have convinced me that I’m missing out on some real fun. Thanks for putting me at ease. It’s time I try it. Please check out my blog that I’ve been working on about playgrounds in my area. Us Hoppers and you Hunters should share our experiences. Thanks. http://playground-hoppingmass.blogspot.com/

  2. admin

    Hello Amy – thanks, and really, it was very easy kayaking with my kids at 2.10 and 4.6 years old. The staff asked me to stay within sight of the dock so they could come over with their powered boat if anyone fell in.

    Can I post one of your blog entries as a guest post, and maybe get some collaboration going? Send me an email at angelika@playgroundhunt.com 🙂

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