Lake Quannapowitt Toddler Playground

I am so pleased they refurbished Col. Connelly Playground at the North end of Lake Quannapowitt. It always struck me as strange to have a toddler playground without infant swings. But now it is all new and shiny and a great place to stop either on that jog around the lake, or when you’re buying your gourmet muffins at The Gingerbread Construction Company. mmmmm – muffins.

Anyway, I was saying… This playground is still fully fenced but now has a new structure, new swings, new picnic benches, new wood chips, and the ride-on toys have been anchored again. There are excellent little nooks to hide and a faux-rock to climb on. We tested out all the bells (no whistles) and dipped our toes into Lake Q. The playground itself is in full sun, but there are grass and trees outside the fence to sit under.

We were infinitely grateful that the drinking fountain was on. It was tremendously hot today so we only lasted maybe twenty minutes. Then we went and hid in the air conditioning of the Stoneham Public Library and got out more truck/car/train books for Alex.

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