Making a Weaving Loom

Weaving Loom

The kind of loom I had as a child

After the success of our visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, I thought we’d take the weaving-thing a bit farther. When I was little I had one of those wooden framed weaving looms. I remember it surprisingly fondly.

I made two cheap weaving looms from cardboard boxes:

  • cut down sides so the shuttle can fit
  • cut some notches into the ends – I had six – with one cut deeper to hold onto the yarn
  • made a shuttle with curved end pieces and a notch to trap the yarn

Alex has done surprisingly well keeping the tension even – he made all these rugs for Elmo’s house without any help!!! I strung up the loom, but apparently a 5 year old is quite capable of weaving.

Alex Weaving

Alex Weaving

Jen at 3.5 years old has also done well, though she gets frustrated more quickly and I have had to finish a couple of the rugs for her.

Jen Weaving

Jen Weaving

If anyone has forgotten how to weave from their youth, I can offer the following hints:

  • to finish, tie double knots in all the strings
  • it’s called a shuttle!!!
  • notches for hooking on the yarn are great for keeping everything in place
  • leave enough of a tail in the yarn for those knots

Next up I have to remember how to weave with two or more colors within one row to make patterns – I remember there was some twisting or tying involved…

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