Museum of Science

Today Alex wanted to see the dinosaurs, again. He told me we had to drive down the road and round the corner and go to the big museum – yes we’ve been to the Museum of Science a lot in the last two weeks. And with visions of the attached, covered parking I was happy to oblige on this rainy day. We got there at 11, along with everyone else and the parking garage was full so we parked in the rain by North Point Playground, and walked the couple of yards to the museum. So much for the two free hours of parking that come with the bonus premier membership.

Alex and JenJen had a blast in the Discovery Center today. They played quietly with all the blue discovery boxes, while mama enjoyed the view of the Charles. Then I woke up and had to convince Alex to return the fish to the smoking volcano, and plug JenJen’s mouth with a pacifier so she wouldn’t chew on too many toys.

The highlight of the trip today wasn’t the (conveniently) forgotten dinosaur room, but the beach ball floating above a super powered air jet. And we have the pictures to prove it. We’ll be back there soon, and lucky for me, this is the best and biggest science museum I’ve ever been to. Lots of stuff for kids of any age from infant up.

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