New England Aquarium

Friday morning we ventured to the New England Aquarium. I had taken Alex a few times before his first birthday, with very mixed results. Then he had a pretty short attention span and even the super colorful tropical fish didn’t hold his interest for long. What a difference a couple of years make. This time Alex was hooked (pun intended). He loved the seals outside, although he thought they were dolphins. He LOVED the penguins. He super loved the turtles. He super double loved the pool where he could touch starfish and shells. The superlatives continued for a good hour and a half, when the lure of a snack was suddenly greater than more fish. JenJen also loved everything and spent a good bit of time splishing the water in the touch pool and pointing at everything – both index fingers were in action…

We had a snack in the very friendly cafeteria – one woman who was cleaning up checked in with us several times and brought more high chairs. Then it was a race against the parking meter to check out the very large, very deep tank that is literally the centerpiece of the aquarium. Personally I could watch the sharks and turtles and divers and every other possible water creature for hours, but we had to get back to the car.

Parking is a huge problem in the area, but that day we found 2hr on-street parking for $2 total just around the corner. On the Aquarium website is a link to nearby parking options, which is well worth the visit since the closest parking garage is insanely expensive at $35 a day or $25 when members get their ticket validated. Public transportation is an excellent option to visit the aquarium

Apologies for the quality of the photos. I forgot the Aquarium is dark and my camera phone is sans flash.

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