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Thursday’s playground was North Point Park, across from the Museum of Science. I had to go back, because I had put my finger across the camera lens accidentally on purpose. This was another Bitchin Mamas meetup and one brave soul made it out to this playground with a three week old baby. Of course everyone melted and had to coo a bit before we could really get into playing. But before I write all about the playground, I need to have a little rant. This rather excellent play has almost no parking. There are two hour parking spots along Education Street, and I have always found a spot there. Not on Thursday when three young men in three young cars pulled into the three available parking spots before walking off together. Really!!! I spent about an hour mumbling under my breath about carpooling and taking public transportation and leaving spots for mothers near a playground. Humpf! 😉

Anyway, the playground is very nice and huge. The big kid structure is made of wood and has slides and about a bazillion ways to climb up, down and around. Super nice. There are two other areas with structures for bigger kids. One has a sculpture climbing structure, the other some nicely designed monkey bars.

The toddler area has a fence, but the gates don’t latch and a few kids from our group managed to squeeze through between fence and wall to play in the big kid structure. The toddler area is colorful, well maintained and has several interesting structures. There is a mini-toddler slide, a bird house, a bigger toddler structure with slide and ropes and poles. The toddler area also has its own water feature: three stone basins with cascading water. This is operated by holding onto the top of the red pole.

There is a big spray deck as well. The water was still on and everyone got suitably soaked. There are two spinny pole things that were a big hit, as was watching the cars and trains on the Zakim bridge. THE best bit was when the draw bridge lifted up to let two boats exit Boston harbor. This playground has no sandbox and no swings.

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