Playground Tourism–April Vacation Fun!

It’s getting to be prime playground season!

I just took a trip to Colorado and New Mexico, and Angelika used to live out that way.  My family and I saw some fantastic playgrounds!  I figured I’d do a quick write up of some of the best.

Whether you’re able to make it to visit them someday or not, I figured they may be of interest because a) when we share articles on our Facebook feed about playgrounds around the world, they are always super-duper popular–there seems to be a high interest among our followers in what people are doing elsewhere and b) seeing these pictures will let you think about what elements you like most, whether you’re looking for a similar one to visit or looking to do a build.

We stayed with friends in Trinidad, CO.  This one stood out.  It is not huge or particularly fancy, but it has a great “treehouse” feel with amazing tunnel slides.  Their benches are beautifully decorated with tiles depicting local history.


Taos, New Mexico, is well-known for its Twirl Play and Discovery Space.  This beautiful and artistic playground is known for not just being a place for kids to meet and climb, but as a local institution–they have programming, welcome art installations, and work closely with community partners. (As always, click on thumbnails to enlarge.)





Who knew Colorado was known for a reptile park?  Well, I didn’t.  We love their alligator shaped play structure!


Did you travel over April vacation, or get a chance to spend time exploring New England?  If you went to a great playground or attraction, let us know in the comments.  Or better yet–let us know if you’d like to write a guest post!



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