Poison Ivy Field (Fence?) Guide


We receive quite a few questions about poison ivy.  I’m embarrassed to say I have the perfect specimen growing right in my yard!  We haven’t had a chance to veeeery carefully get rid of it yet.  Hopefully the photo will help clear some stuff up.  Except for your rash if you already have one.  Can’t help with that at the moment!

Anyway, a common phrase is “leaves of three, let it be”.  But there’s a lot that looks like it could be it if that’s the main thing  you’re going on, right?  Poison ivy can be tricky even for the experienced because it can look so different at different ages and stages.

I decided to get a shot of this because it has multiple good examples.  See how the leaves are a bit shiny when they are little?  That progressively goes away and they tend to darken up as it gets bigger.  And see the actual vine?  That red, hairy vine?  It just looks like it wants to define the word itch, right?  Don’t touch that either; it can also give you a rash.  It can get pretty thick and ropy–up to several inches across.  It can get you even in the winter, when the leaves are dead.  We hope you’re a treehugger, but be careful about it!

Anyway, I may add to this or post a follow up with more trivia, history, and avoidance and treatment tips at some point.  But now that this stuff is out there in earnest I wanted to get the photo up if anyone wanted to bookmark it.  And do that, because I hope to cautiously get rid of it before anyone can come check it out in person!

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