Rebuilding Rounds – big grant and next build day

Jen at Rebuilt Rounds“If you build it, they will come” — Kinsella

Okay, SO cliche.  Let’s try again.

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination” — Henry David Thoreau

“A back-to-nature movement to reconnect the children with the outdoors is burgeoning nationwide” — USA Today

“IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL–I JUST LOVE IT!” — Bridget, Lindsay’s 4 year old

Okay, somewhat better, but sometimes you’ve just gotta come out and say it:

Round one for AP Rounds is done and the playground is officially open! Go and play! We’re sorry for the delay–while the first build day itself went quite smoothly, there were a few safety issues to fix, and some tricky scheduling to finalize the clean-up. But now it is good to go just in the nick of time for summer vacation.

Enjoy it as a construction-free zone all you can these couple of months, because the second and final build day is a definite for this year–late summer or early fall!

100Kfor100 logoWe have been awarded a joint grant from the Cummings Foundation and have $25,000 to finish rebuilding Rounds! Yup, there are some other things you also just have to blurt out! We submitted a grant along with 4 other Stoneham community groups (Stoneham Music Parents, Friends of the Fells, Stoneham Light It Up Blue, and the Stoneham High School community garden project) for $100,000. The grant will be divided among the groups and all will benefit Stoneham children.  Lots of thanks to you, Cummings Foundation, and to the non-profits willing to network with us.  Congrats to everyone, and we can’t wait to see what you all do!


Lindsay (left) with Joyce Calabro from Friends of the Fells at the Cummings Reception

Lindsay (right) with Joyce Calabro from Friends of the Fells at the Cummings Reception

The main focus of the second build day will be the large, fabulous big kid structure. But there are other things to think about, too, so while you’re picnicking at the new one, brainstorm and look around. Some other things we’re considering adding that day:

Plus, because this is a community build, we’ll need your help deciding again soon! Hard working and ever-helpful Town Engineer Dan is out there taking measurements, and soon we’ll have exciting proposals. Stay tuned for an important vote!

Afterwards, a local fence company has been gracious enough to donate a gate and fence extension to both increase safety and really polish the whole thing off.

We received a lot of feedback after the first build day that most of you had a lot of fun and found it really rewarding. We’re glad, because we’re asking for your expertise, muscle, and generosity one more time! We’ll likely even need more people next time due to the next structure being larger (although some parts will be simpler due to preliminary work being done and the fact we’re all old pros at playground building now and have some experience with what works and what doesn’t). So tell your friends, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an exact date! Currently we’re thinking either August August 24 or Sep 14.

We’ll be in touch soon with more specific volunteer needs, but in the meantime, work on recruiting your friends and colleagues and let us know if you have connections for in-kind donations for food, landscaping, signage, or whatever else you think we might need.  Thank you!

It’s going to happen! So exciting!

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