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I have two very active and creative children. We used to go through a lot of store-bought playdough and paints until I decide they were too expensive. Over the last 5 years I have tried out a lot of recipes for play dough, different kinds of paints, slimes, goops, and lots of other basic craft supplies to give my children the ingredients for their creativity.

I have put together a collection of fifty of the easiest and best craft supply recipes that, for example, made the best playdough or finger paint for the least amount of work. My children have tested all the results for how well they work, whether they stain skin, clothing, or work surfaces, and for how long they are fun.

The Product: 50 Craft Recipes on Waterproof Cards in a cute Box

The recipes for homemade craft supplies are printed on durable, waterproof cards that can be used for years in kitchens at home or schools.  They are packaged in a sturdy recipe box that will also make a good gift.

If you think a set of recipes for playdough, different paints, and a whole lot of other craft supplies would be great to have either at home or school, please pledge now for this kickstarter campaign. You will get one of the first edition sets mailed to you by August. However, the printing and making of recipe boxes only become financially viable if we print 100 sets. So, please pledge today 😀

Why these are so good to have:

“Play to learn” has been the foundation of my child raising philosophy. I like to provide basic ingredients so that my two preschoolers can independently explore textures, colors, and smells. In creating this compilation, my children and I have spent many hours experimenting: measuring liquids, mixing colors, watching chemical reactions,… We have learned to play.

I have hugely enjoyed Jen’s and Alex’ jaw dropping expressions when we made shrinky plastic, extra gooey slime, and bouncy balls. But the biggest reward for me has been their constant stream of questions: How do you make that? Can we make that ourselves? I smell something – is that a chemical? What color do I get when I mix blue and green? Can I paint my belly? Can I paint the dog? Can we go to the supermarket and get more cornstarch? Seriously!

I have learned a lot testing these recipes and even dusted off some long-forgotten chemistry. My children spent many happy hours creating and being curious. We hope you find these recipes useful and inspiring.

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