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It’s time to seriously get ready to rebuild Rounds Playground in Stoneham. With KaBOOM and Playground Hunt, our local community will rebuild this neighborhood playground. Rounds Playground has fallen into disrepair, and it’s not much fun. It starts with a playground, but we hope to build and strengthen the whole community. Be inspired, inspire, and come together and help build a new playground in a single day: BUILD-DAY.

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We’re shooting for a build day of July 2, when about 150 local volunteers will come together and make it happen.

Sample volunteer tasks

Here are some of the many jobs that build volunteers can do on BUILD-DAY:


  • “Deck and Post” assembly
  • Component assembly
  • Border assembly (for surfacing)
  • Mixing concrete (to secure posts)
  • Installing surfacing liner/drainage
  • Hauling surfacing
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Site set-up (tables, tents, etc.)
  • Site Clean-Up
  • Food service
  • Registering volunteers
  • Supervising children’s activities
  • Posting signs/banners
  • Monitoring site safety (coordinate with your fellow team captains)
  • Running errands
  • Tool distribution/collection
  • DJ/performing music

Playspace FAQ

Q. Do volunteers need construction skills?
There are no specific skills that are absolutely necessary to build a playground, skatepark or sports field. Although there are many types of community builds, the KaBOOM! model involves purchasing easy-to-assemble equipment from a certified playspace manufacturer. Assembling this type of playspace is like putting together a puzzle, and the most common tools are hand-held tools like ratchets and wrenches. You’ll have detailed directions – make sure the volunteers read them! To ensure proper installation, many play equipment companies will also provide or refer a professional community-build installer to oversee the construction. He or she can be responsible for leveling decks, orienting components, tightening bolts and so on.

You may need a small number of skilled volunteers or professionals for site preparation, particularly if it involves heavy machinery such as a power auger. On KaBOOM! site preparation days, we dig holes for the playground posts using a bobcat with auger bits, which is operated by a trained professional. Talk to your construction captain about specific site preparation tasks that you’ll need to complete. You’ll also need to consult closely with your co-chair(s) and construction captain if you are planning to build your own playspace from scratch. There are rigorous safety and accessibility guidelines for public playgrounds.

Q. Do the people working on the playspace need to be really strong?
No – although having some “muscle” never hurts! A community-built playspace project relies on teamwork for results. Remember – what might be a strenuous task for one person is an easy task for four people. Energy, stamina and cooperation are the most valuable qualities a volunteer can have.

Also keep in mind that a community build involves a lot more than ratchets and bolts! There are children’s activities, food, registration, and side projects. Work with your fellow team captains to plan your build so that people of all abilities can participate in some way.

Q. What volunteer skills can I use for my playspace project?
There are ways for skills and experience of any kind to be put to good use!

  • First-aid
  • Fundraising/Grantwriting
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Construction/repair
  • Food prep/service
  • Organizing
  • Child care
  • Communication skills
  • Cleaning
  • Transportation (cars, trucks, machinery)
  • Music/art
  • Marketing/PR
  • Landscaping/gardening

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