Playground Hunt map of playgrounds near Boston

Sprinkler Parks near Boston

Playground Hunt map of playgrounds near BostonNorth Point Playground (Cambridge – map) – big water feature, superb playgroundS near Museum of Science (read my review at this LINK)

Springs Brook Park (Bedford – map) – man-made lake with sandy beach, playground, and huge sprinkler park, concessions (read my review at this LINK)

Grimmons Playground (East Somerville – map) – separate fenced toddler area, big kid playground, sprinklers – beautifully designed (read my review at this LINK)

Cedar St Playground (Cambridge – map) – shady playground with sprinklers (read my review at this LINK)

Simond’s Park Playground (Burlington – map) – large playground with structures for all age groups, wading pool (read my review at this link)

Fort Point Playground  (South Boston – map) – large park by harbor with beach and well designed playground (not sure where my review went)

Lederman Park (Boston – map) – by MGH/Museum of Science – never made it but it looks awesome from Storrow Drive.

Bradley Palmer Wading Pool and Playground (Topsfield – map) – wading and sprinkler park – this will be the summer we make it!

Spy Pond (Arlington – map) – large fenced playground with structures for toddlers and older kids, sandbox, and by a couple of little beaches for wading in Spy Pond (read my review at this LINK)

Albion St Playground (Somerville – map) pleasant playground with a fun sprinkler/water feature – not sure why I never wrote a review, but this playground made for a nice couple of days last year

4 thoughts on “Sprinkler Parks near Boston

  1. Amy

    They don’t recommend going in Spy Pond at all as toxic algae has been found in the pond.

  2. Jazmin

    This list has been so helpful for me during the summer, I live in Lexington but am often in Cambridge and there were a lot of places in between so there’s always one around.

    I wanted to mention Dana Park in Cambridge, which is on Magazine st & Lawrence st. right outside Central Square. There is plenty of shade, the fountain has rubber flooring, the structure area is fenced in with a toddler structure and a larger one for older kids all with flooring mixed between wood chips and rubber, lots of donated toys, and a sand box with a tap to moisten the sand to mold it. In the rest of the park there is a grassy area to play games, a basketball court, shaded picnic benches, and a community bulletin board with lots of mom/parent/caregiver stuff posted. Unfortunately around the playground is only residential parking (except Sundays of course).

  3. Jazmin

    also for those who venture out to the Amherst area in Western Mass should check out Look Park in North Hampton.

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