Suffolk Park Malden

The Playground Hunt Meetup group is off to a roaring start. I guess there are a lot of people out there who want inspiration and motivation to explore new outdoor play spaces (or old favorites with new friends?)

The meetup is here: – we have 10 meetups coming up, so please join us 🙂

This morning we went to a (new to us) playground in Malden. Erin, one of the meetup members suggested it, and everyone who came thought it was quite excellent.

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The playground is a large connected structure, probably more fun for kids over four years old. There are nets, and climbing walls, ladders, and 4 or five slides. They are all fairly steep on the end that is more geared towards the big kids. The end by the stairs is for smaller kids, but they are all connected. There is a tire swing, and a lot of grass to run around on. The field also had a port-a-potty.

The best on this hot day was when the grass sprinklers turned on. Then all the kids were almost instantly wet. And mostly naked. Sigh 😉

And here are my photos from this morning:

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