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St Peter’s Field Playground

St Peter’s Field Playground is at 174 Garden St, Cambridge, MA and not to be confused with the playground on the other side of the Daheny park, which has an approximate address of 104 Sherman St, Cambridge. We had a meetup with the Bitchin Mamas here today. St Peter’s playground got big thumbs up from even the smallest crawler – JenJen. JenJen climbed up and down the slide and the stairs and played on the xylophone thing and ate some wood chips.

Alex had a huge amount of fun and played like a crazy little thing – so fun to watch. He was a bit too little to go up the tower to the periscope since the only way to get there is over some wobbly stepping stones or up a faux rock pillar. But he did decide that it was OK to go through a tunnel that was made out of wire. For some reason he was convinced that it was going to go round and round.

Everyone who came had fun. This is an excellent shady playground for toddlers and wheelchair accessible. There was only one big kid swing though and no baby swings at all. Also, Alex thought a sandpit would have been a good addition.

The parking lot is big, but also serves the St Peter’s Field basketball and baseball fields.

Cedar St Playground

Yesterday was a day for sitting by the pool and drinking margaritas, or failing that, running through the water at a shady sprinkler park. JenJen and Alex don’t drink margaritas, so we opted for Cedar Street Playground in Cambridge with its lovely sprinkler area. This playground is one of the shadiest we’ve seen, but some thoughtful person has equipped the picnic tables with extra shade umbrellas. The playground is double fenced. There is a gate to Dudley street, and a gate to the tot lot. The tot lot has four swings and an excellent climbing structure with a large sandpit, liberally sprinkled with donated toys. The big kid structure is a fun structure made out of rope and provides lots of 3D climbing and play. There is also quite a bit of shaded grass, though dogs tend to frequent that, a little basketball court, and the sprinklers. The sprinklers are activated by holding onto the top of the green column and then there are a few minutes of various sprinklers providing splashes and mist.

Note that all the parking on the side streets require a resident permit, but there are 2hr parking meters on Massachusetts Ave as well as a several buslines.