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Stoneham Family Fair – thoughts

I’m starting to recover, about a week after the big event. For those who missed the whole thing, I organized a family day to benefit rebuilding AP Rounds Playground with two of the most awesome partners imaginable: Tania and Lindsay.

We had 80+ish craft and food vendors, 11 sponsors, a train ride, a golf game, face-painting, balloon animals, soccer, and great music.  We had a dumpster, port-a-potties, police, a dedicated ambulance, the Stoneham Health Inspector, trash cans, and a DPW worker.

We had lots of people, and lots of great comments of how much our visitors enjoyed the event. We raised over $7000 towards rebuilding our neighborhood playground.

This is what three moms can accomplish.

We’re proud of what we did, but will we do it again? I’m not sure. I didn’t look after my two children as well as I would have liked and feel guilty. I didn’t look after my two chronic illnesses, and almost ended up in hospital. I got abused by two vendors on the phone, and answered emails and phone calls to the detriment of my business making websites.

Now it is time to recover, spend the rest of the summer playing with my children, and publish this cathartic blog post.

But then I’ll have to pick up signs, write “thank-you” letters, get receipts for the tax-deductible booth spot “fee”,  bank all the checks with the Town of Stoneham, work on some press releases,…