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Back at it

So it has been a super long time since I wrote a blog post.

A number of things have changed for me recently: it’s become cold and I have been sick with some random kidney thing.What that has really meant is that in between the cold and chronic fatigue I have, we have been spending some time inside. Not much time at the playground.
We have also been thinking about home schooling. Turns out that with all the running around, checking out local museums, classes and at Mass Audubon, going to art classes, going to swim class, going to gym classes, going to library story time and crafts, and last but not least playing with a vast amount of Lego we acquired over Christmas, I am homeschooling.

Who would’ve thought it!!! Anyway some of my friends on Facebook have been getting excited about the stuff that we’ve been doing. It seems to makes sense to use the PlaygroundHunt blog to chronicle some of our adventures now.

So here is what Jen is doing RIGHT NOW: vinegar with food coloring, baking soda on a baking tray, combining the two with some transfer pipettes. This was a repeat request 🙂