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Inserts for Advent Calendar: Signs and Logos

I started making this collection of Boston Area attractions a couple of years ago in the hope of printing it and putting little slips of paper into my children’s advent calendar. Finally got back to it and will ACTUALLY do it this year (rather than just putting in some badly hand-drawn pictures) ==>BostonLogos <== pdf file

And here are the logos I have included so far… Hope it helps with making an excellent adventure-filled month of December.

final color discs


Sine I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about what happens if you mix not just two color, but three (think “what color do I get when I put together yellow and blue and green”) I thought it was time for some more independent investigation…

I found some plastic ring binder dividers, cut out some circles by tracing a cup, and used a pipe cleaner to tie the circles together.

Totally worth the 2 minute investment for a 5 minute toy 😉

ingredients for color circles

Ingredients for making color circles: plastic ring binder dividers, pencil, cup, scissors, pipe cleaner


Plastic discs cut from plastic binder dividers. I used just yellow, blue, red.

color discs tied together

I tied together the color discs by bending a pipe cleaner – I used my pink Leatherman – swoon

final color discs

Looking at the finished color disc contraption – look at it against a light for best effect