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MIT Museum

The MIT Museum is another one of the endless superb museums in the Boston area. We went to a free day at the end of February – there is free admission on the last Sunday of each month until June 2014. Otherwise admission in $10 per adult, $5 for kids, free for under 5 years old.

The museum is on Mass Ave, near MIT, and even though the area is busy, I have always found on-street parking nearby. Bring quarters.

The exhibits are not hugely made for younger kids and there are not too many things for the under-5-year-olds to poke. There are lots of buttons to push, but a lot of those move some delicate wire contraptions.

Oddly, my children found the extensive hologram collection totally uninteresting. I hope it’s just that they don’t understand the cool-ness of it, rather than that children are now so jaded by technology and touch screens that that is no longer fascinating for hours on end. Or maybe the hologram thing was only ever me? ūüėČ

The biggest fun was had by my 4 and 6 year old with a conveyor belt machine that took pictures of small items and projected them onto the conveyor after they were removed. It think that was worth about an hour, and the source of all the high pitched squeals that day.

Downstairs is another large area, that had a bunch of robots and high tech stuff that mostly was beyond even my 6 year old, so I’ll have to come back sometime by myself for a closer look.

Be warned – the MIT museum has a really cool shop with really cool gadgets and toys. And it cannot be avoided.

Discovery Museums

There is so much to do around Boston that even after 5 years of trying to visit all the museums and playgrounds and beaches and forests and … there is still more to discover. We finally made it to the Discovery Museums in Acton. And LOVED it.

The Discovery Museums is comprised of two buildings¬†on our 4-plus acre campus. ¬† At the Children’s Discovery Museum, younger children (toddlers through early grades) learn while they play.¬† At the Science Discovery Museum, children and adults of all ages explore scientific concepts and hands-on creativity.

The Discovery Museums offers exciting programs for all ages.  Check our Calendar for upcoming programs and events!

We spent all day. First in the Children’s part in a smaller house – this opened early and we had a thoroughly awesome time in the various rooms. Everything is put together really carefully and with love.

After a quick lunch on a bench, we went up the hill to the Science museum and spent the entire afternoon there. So much to do for every age. Truly superb. And the best bit is that a lot of public libraries have bought into their discount admission passes. We got 50% off admission, so it is definitely worth checking out.


Boston Childrens Museum

I’ve been saving up the Boston Children’s Museum all. summer. long.

We had a total blast there yesterday and spent almost four hours and only played with maybe a tenth of what there is to see and do. We went to the Playspace, which is only for kids three years and under. ¬†That room alone has more toys to play with than I can remember. There’s a playhouse, a tree house, a car, ¬†an aquarium, a kitchen, a doll house, the world’s largest train table (that’s my own hyperbole), a separate area just for crawlers, a kitchen with dining area (AND FREE COFFEE FOR ADULTS), books, resources, puzzles, …

We went to the art studio for some scissoring and gluing, to the Countdown to Kindergarten mock school room for some writing practice and dinosaur play, some of the Arthur and Friends exhibit to try out the backyard camping adventure, to Johnny’s Workbench to try out real saws, screw drivers and safety glasses, and a special new exhibit called Balancing Act.

There is enough to see at the Boston Children’s Museum to keep us busy for many more wintery or rainy days…

Some handy hints: bring a complete change of clothing for each child. One of the best room at the museum is Peep’s World, which has a lot of water and sand tables. Also, there is usually some four hour on-street parking to be had around the area, as well as lots of parking buildings. It helps to bring warm clothing to walk to and from, as the museum is in a breezy location on the harbor.

Museum of Science

Today Alex wanted to see the dinosaurs, again. He told me we had to drive down the road and round the corner and go to the big museum – yes we’ve been to the Museum of Science a lot in the last two weeks. And with visions of the attached, covered parking I was happy to oblige on this rainy day. We got there at 11, along with everyone else and the parking garage was full so we parked in the rain by North Point Playground, and walked the couple of yards to the museum. So much for the two free hours of parking that come with the bonus premier membership.

Alex and JenJen had a blast in the Discovery Center today. They played quietly with all the blue discovery boxes, while mama enjoyed the view of the Charles. Then I woke up and had to convince Alex to return the fish to the smoking volcano, and plug JenJen’s mouth with a pacifier so she wouldn’t chew on too many toys.

The highlight of the trip today wasn’t the (conveniently) forgotten dinosaur room, but the beach ball floating above a super powered air jet. And we have the pictures to prove it. We’ll be back there soon, and lucky for me, this is the best and biggest science museum I’ve ever been to. Lots of stuff for kids of any age from infant up.