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slime?!Pinterest has been the bane of my existence. At first, I was sooo excited at all the inspiration, the creativity, and the awesome ideas of what I could do with my preschool children. Then I tried some ideas. And failed. Quite a lot.
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By training I’m a scientist (Ph.D. in Biology), and with each unsatisfactory attempt at making finger paints that cracked, or colored sand that stayed brown, I got frustrated that the proportions of the ingredients were not great, and that I didn’t know what the variables were that would make each recipe a success.



So my children and I started testing and experimenting. I am compiling all the recipes I have tested and optimized into a handy, boxed collection: Recipes for Disaster. My plan is to produce this as an actual physical product by fall 2014.

Meanwhile, Last year we stayed at the very kid-friendly, arty Searsport Shores Ocean Campground for a week.  Read my blog post of our trip here.  This year, we will be back showing fellow campers some of the trick and lessons we have learned.

During my week as Artist-in-Residence at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground (July 6 to July 12), I will have a different theme each day. I will show you how to make colored sand, pasta, rice, and sugar, several different kinds of paints, doughs, clays, slimes, and BUBBLES. We will measure and cook and mix all these recipes from scratch and I will have several suggestions on what to create from our concoctions – making marbled paper, making your own bouncy ball, a colorful salt mandala…

My sessions will be perfect for all ages – we have been trying  these recipes since my children were toddlers. At the same time, using some of these basic materials is only restricted by your creativity. I will be taking pictures to add to my blog Playground Hunt, so please join us in making some of our Recipes for Disaster art.

Craft Supplies

Not much of a secret, but I’m writing a book with lots of basic craft recipes “Recipes for Disaster”. I’m still testing a few different playdough and paint recipes, so it’s not quite ready to be viewed in public. But here is my current list of ingredients I’m using. I’ve been ordering in bulk from Amazon.com because some thing like Cream of Tartar are insanely expensive from the supermarket.

Playdoh Emergency

7:48am this morning Alex declared a Playdoh emergency, ran into the kitchen and started rummaging through the drawers for the bag of Playdoh. He then proceeded to make lots of squished balls, squished snakes, and squished cutouts. JenJen is in an put-everything-in-your-mouth phase, so she was cut off from the Playdoh today. She got a couple of Trader Joes Chocolate Cat Cookies instead, which according to the big grin, was acceptable.