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Splish Splash

Father’s Day snuck up on me this year. Is it a bit earlier than usual? I was thinking it was next weekend.

My husband sometimes requests power tools for special occasions. He even says he wouldn’t mind being surprised. But when he buys them for himself, he spends 7586 hours researching each one first. I’m not completely unknowledgeable, but I could never live up to that! I’m intimidated.

So I asked the girls what they thought we should get him. “A bathing suit!”, Bridget chimed in. I was ready to reject it at hand. But the more I thought about it, it seemed to be a decent idea. His existing one is older (think off-brand Ed Hardy) and we could save him the embarrassment of shorts-cling. We headed off to Marshall’s and while the girls were tempted by Speedos and grandpa-ish ones, we ended up with one that seems to be age and size appropriate.

For any dads saying, “But really? Wh-wh-what about a scroll saw?”. We’ll send him off to the “hardworking store” (as Bridget calls it) with permission to pick out the perfect one, with a plate of his favorite dark chocolate chip cookies in hand.

Craig and Fiona on the beach

Craig and Fiona on the beach

But it’ll be for a sunny day in the hopefully near future! This past week was a bit soggier, but we didn’t let it keep us from the outdoors! Here are some tips for enjoying some outside time in the rain, assuming lightning isn’t a risk:

While you’ll want to be more careful on higher platforms and slippery surfaces in the rain, you can sometimes still get some fun out of playgrounds:

–If the rain is very light, look for a shady playground. The same shade that keeps the sun from beating down too intensely also “catches” some of the rain.

–Some playgrounds have rubberized surfaces with a lot of texture. These can be safer in the rain.

–Some equipment can still be safely used. Tunnels closer to the ground and bouncers are some of the lower risk things.

–Some playgrounds have canopies. Even if they are only partial, if they cover a sandbox, it can keep a rain shower from ruining your sandcastles. On a similar note, many parks and playgrounds have pavilions. If you’ve got cabin fever, bring crafts outside, do them there, and get some fresh air.

–Don’t forget puddle jumping and mud pies!

Don’t let the rain keep you from hiking, either. Some more tips:

–Be careful around rocks and boulders. They are slippery when wet, especially if covered in moss.

–Wool and synthetics will dry out quicker and keep you warmer in the rain compared to cotton. Many outdoor stores sell rain pants to wear with your rain coat. When you’re cold, it is sometimes more difficult to tell if you’re feeling dehydrated, so keep drinking water!

–Take note of differences! Many people think the air smells better in the rain. Once it slows down, mud makes for wonderful animal track spotting. See if you can spot any amphibians or worms, who may be more likely to be out.