The Great Outdoors

Mass Audubon has awesome classes for toddlers!  We went to the Early Fall Classes for Toddlers by Mass Audubon. Today was all about bugs and we played outside since it was warm and sunny, with just a little breeze.

We got insect nets and containers and to Alex’s amazement caught lots of crickets, grasshoppers, ladybugs, small bouncy bugs, and one large red bug. You can tell where my entomological education ends. Alex thought it was the best thing EVER!. He got to wave around the net, and even though we caught most of our bugs by forgetting our containers in the grass, he enjoyed looking at each and every one. He loved

Incidentally, Annette Swain the instructor is my new toddler wrangling hero. She had every one of those kids helping, looking at chipmunk holes, touching trees, looking at leaves and birds, interacting, poking and holding, coloring, and applying stickers to butterfly cut-outs.

We finished off the morning with a picnic on the Ipswich Visitor House lawn. JenJen was asleep five minutes into the drive home, and even no-nap-Alex was asleep before we got home. What an excellent morning, what an excellent nap. I’ve signed us up for the Late Fall Toddler classes and naps.

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  1. Hillary T

    So glad you enjoyed the class! I work for Mass Audubon and I also happen to have a toddler so I’ve really loved reading your blog. I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

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